Turnkey Interior Solutions

Production Facilities


We’re very proud of our joinery making factory. It’s based in Ajman, and with over 20,000 sq ft, we’re able to accommodate our skilled workforce on site, cutting out travel time, and making it a highly efficient operation.

Our factory is equipped with the latest machinery, including panel saws, edge banders, multi-boring machines, CNC cutters and auto spray booths. We also have a highly skilled workforce which includes hand carvers, upholsterers, assemblers and carpenters with over 30 years experience.

We take leadership and total responsibility for the complete execution of the project. It ensures two most important things are achieved: quality control and time-bound completion.

Our team have the special skills and experience to manage a project from its conception on the drawing board, to providing the final finishing touches that can make such a difference.

This includes making timely decisions and interweaving the creative process with the production process.
We coordinate closely with various agencies, consultants and contractors and ensure work is carried out to a disciplined schedule.

With NOAF as your single point of reference, you will never have a situation where delays are caused and excuses are made. You will also find the whole process streamlined and hassle-free.


Supporting the furniture making factory is NOAF General Trading. With facilities in Ajman and Al Quoz, Dubai NOAF General Trading stores the imported raw materials to trade and to supply to NOAF INTERIORS for in-house projects.

NOAF General Trading imports a number of various raw materials, including:

  • Natural wood veneers imported from Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, USA and Canada
  • Medium Density Fibre board (MDF) imported from Malaysia and Thailand
  • Raw timber imported from Malaysia, Thailand and India